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The Bundaberg Barrel

About The Bundaberg Barrel

At the Bundaberg Brewed Drinks Barrel, visitors of all ages can enjoy a unique experience with our guided tastings and self-guided gallery tour. An array of flavorful brews awaits you; adults will receive a mixed six-pack as part of their ticket price! Come explore what makes us special—taste why we’ve become an iconic Australian brewing company. Join us on this journey for just $15 per adult (incl. 6 Pack) or only $5 each for those under 18’s (excludes Mixed Six Pack).

Sample the delicious flavours of Bundaberg’s renowned Ginger Beer and other brews on an hourly tour at the famous Bundaberg Barrel. Engage in interactive displays, challenge your nose with their smellography station and learn from a professional Brew connoisseur at the tasting bar! Take home memories that you can share through creating customised labels for 6-packs to show off what makes this brewery so unique – 14 different flavours made only by one iconic brand: The Bundaberg Barrel.

Bundaberg Barrel

What to do at The Bundaberg Barrel

Uncover the rich history of Bundaberg Brews through their interactive guided Tastings! Sample all varieties and pick up a mix-it-yourself take-home pack with 6 of your favourites. The Gallery Tour demonstrates how they craft each brew; from iconic Ginger Beer to more unique flavours, you will learn about their real ingredients and discover the secret behind their extraordinary taste – experience it first hand on one of our 360-degree cameras! Browse an array of mementos or gifts while exploring before taking some delicious drinks back home with you.

Flying from all corners of the world, join us on an intercontinental adventure to experience the iconic Bundaberg Barrel. Not only will you explore this family-owned brewery and its legacy rich in history, but also share tales that highlight their commitment to crafting drinks with locally sourced produce grown right here in Bundaberg. Come along for a journey full of stories not soon forgotten!

Bundaberg Barrel

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