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Are you looking to spruce up your outdoor spaces?
Concrete Bundaberg Services offers high-quality, professional paving solutions for all your needs. Our skilled craftsmanship allows us to create and install beautiful driveways and patios that will last for years. We use the best materials and techniques available to ensure an excellent result on every project.
Our services are customised to the client’s exact specifications, so you get exactly what you need – a small patio or a large driveway installation. Thanks to our experienced team of professionals, you can expect exceptional results from start to finish with no hassle. And with top-notch customer service support, too, we have everything covered!
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Types of paving

Paving refers to laying down and setting up materials to create a flat surface, often for roadways or sidewalks. The most common types of paving are concrete, asphalt, stone, and gravel. Each type has benefits and drawbacks that can be tailored to fit your project’s needs.
Concrete Paving – It also offers superior strength and stability, making it an ideal choice for areas that experience heavy foot traffic or vehicle traffic.
Asphalt Paving – It’s relatively inexpensive compared to concrete and can be laid down quickly, making it a great choice for large projects or tight deadlines.
Stone Paving – It also adds a unique look to any property and can be laid in various patterns to create interesting designs.
Gravel Paving – Gravel is an excellent option for areas that don’t require a flat surface, such as pathways or trails. Its low cost makes it an attractive option for homeowners on a budget.

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Paving a driveway

A driveway paving process requires several steps:

  1. The area must be prepared by removing existing pavement, raking the ground surface, and compacting it to form a solid base. After that, a layer of gravel should be added to ensure proper drainage.
  2. Your paving material should be laid down in layers until you reach your desired thickness.
  3. The edges should be cut and compacted to create a smooth finish.
coloured concrete pavers

Paving a patio

Patio paving needs to start with a solid foundation:

  1. The area should be levelled and cleared of any debris.
  2. A layer of sand should be spread over the surface to create an even base. After that, your paving material can be laid in layers until you reach your desired thickness.
  3. The edges should be cut and compacted for a smooth finish. Ensure the pavement is slightly sloped towards the edges for proper drainage.
  4. Add edging to secure your paving further and create a neat look.
Concrete Stamping and Stencilling Bundaberg

A garden path needs to be constructed with a few specific considerations. Firstly, you must decide on the material used for paving the path. This is usually determined by the overall look you want and can vary from gravel, brick or concrete pavers. Once you’ve decided on a material, mark out your pathway and ensure it’s level, then continue with the installation. When laying the pavers, use a trowel to spread mortar and lay them in place. Make sure to leave enough room for sand between the pavers for further stability.

Concrete Walkways and Footpaths Bundaberg

Pros: Paving is durable and hard-wearing to withstand any type of weather. It also looks attractive once finished and can complement your garden’s aesthetic. In addition, paving can be used to create stunning paths that are easy to navigate on foot or bike.
Cons: The main disadvantage of paving is the cost involved in having it installed. Paving can be expensive and labour-intensive to install, making it difficult to budget for the project. Additionally, since paving material is heavy, it may require professional help if you want to lay it yourself.

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With Concrete Bundaberg Services, you can create beautiful and unique paving designs that will instantly transform your home with our professional services.
Don’t settle for average when it comes to beauty! Add a timeless element of sophistication to the outdoor space around your property, and enjoy walking through the comfort each day, knowing that it’s a reflection of who you are.
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