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Hinkler Hall of Aviation

About Hinkler Hall of Aviation

Uncover the remarkable history of Australia’s first solo aviator, Bert Hinkler. Come visit the unique and awe-inspiring architecture at the Hinkler Hall of Aviation in Bundaberg Botanic Gardens – a glass and steel structure built to look like an aircraft wing. Immerse yourself in interactive displays inspired by Bert’s life achievements; experience what it was like for him as you take off on one of our distinctive glide simulators or watch two movie theatrettes that tell his incredible story! Get closer to aviation history with a chance to sit inside a replica Avro Baby aeroplane he flew during his 1921 record-breaking flight and its original version from long ago.

Dive into the remarkable story of Bert Hinkler and his incredible aviation journey when you visit the Hinkler Hall of Aviation in Bundaberg, Queensland. From flying aboard a distinctive glide simulator to being mesmerized by movies about Bert’s life achievements, your experience will be like no other. See replicas of his Avro Baby aircraft from his 1921 record-setting flight – plus full-size displays, artifacts and even an original restored version of ‘Mon Repos’, which is where he lived before embarking on this extraordinary adventure!


What to do at Hinkler Hall of Aviation

Visit the Hinkler Hall of Aviation, an iconic architectural gem located in Bundaberg Botanic Gardens that pays tribute to Australia’s renowned aviator Bert Hinkler. Experience this thrilling aviation journey through interactive displays and replica simulators where you can fly like a pro! Get immersed in His accomplishments with videos playing on theatrettes and learn about his pioneering 1921 flight by viewing its original aircraft.

Experience the remarkable atmosphere of Hinkler Hall of Aviation at Bundaberg Botanic Gardens! Walk through a captivating structure designed in the form of an aircraft wing that pays homage to Australia’s legendary pioneer solo aviator Bert Hinkler. Let your imagination take flight and be entranced by this architectural marvel made from glass and steel!

Embark on an aviation journey through the Hinkler Hall of Aviation! Get up close to full-sized aircrafts and discover unique museum artifacts, including Bert Hinkler’s restored home relocated from Southampton. Enjoy serene views of Bundaberg’s Botanic Gardens while sampling delicious hand-crafted delicacies available in this extraordinary experience along the Queensland coast – a must for all history buffs and aviators alike!


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