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Bundaberg Rum Distillery

About Bundaberg Rum Distillery

With a longstanding tradition of excellence and skilled craftsmanship, Bundaberg Rum Distillery has earned its place in history as the guardian of millions of litres of rum. To showcase this proud heritage, Bondstore #7 – one grand old building – was transformed into an immersive museum full of rich sensory experiences that offer visitors a glimpse at how Australia’s Favorite Rum is produced. Step inside 75,000 litres of intact American White Oak Vats to see first-hand the meticulous processes involved in aging hundreds and thousands of gallons since the 1970s!

Travel to Bundaberg for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how one of Australia’s most iconic spirits is made! From the Molasses Well and Barrel House, to tasting samples from their legendary rum – this distillery tour has it all. Plus, special access to the interactive Bundaberg Rum Museum makes this experience a must-do on any Queensland travels.

Bundaberg rum distillery

What to do at Bundaberg Rum Distillery

Immerse yourself in the unique experience of exploring a fully operational Bundaberg Rum Distillery! Get to know its history and production process with an interactive museum tour before being taken by one of its expert guides on a journey inside. And for those over 18 years: enjoy some delicious alcoholic beverages along the way!

To ensure a seamless experience, plan to arrive at the Bundaberg Rum Distillery 20-30 minutes prior—particularly for the day’s final tour and during the school holidays. For safety reasons, please leave any flammable items such as matches or lighters outside; this includes watches, cameras and mobile phones with batteries in them. Complimentary lockers are available for storing these items while onsite. If you require medically necessary devices like hearing aids with you during your visit, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us ahead of time so we can make alternate arrangements!


One local company in Bundaberg that is involved in this tourist attraction;

Name: Concrete Bundaberg Services

Address: 27 Perry St, Bundaberg North QLD 4670

Phone: (07) 4158 6758

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