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Bundaberg Library

About Bundaberg Library

Bundaberg Regional Library is growing as one of the leading public library services across Queensland, offering a wide array of resources and boasting four convenient branch locations. Serving almost 97,000 people in the greater region with over 130,000 physical items and nearly 1 million issued annually from its branches – both online & offline – this Library service has become an integral part of community life for countless individuals looking to benefit from various educational opportunities or discover new insights into their local culture.

Bundaberg Regional Libraries provide the citizens of the Bundaberg Region with an abundance of information and entertainment. With a vast selection of physical to electronic resources, along with access to their region’s documentary heritage, library visitors have it all! And what’s more – they also enjoy fast wireless internet connection as well as printing services and public computers; that too without any charges!

Library service

What to do at Bundaberg Library

Bundaberg Regional Library invites members and visitors to explore its vast collection of books, DVDs, CDs, magazines and eDownloads. Whether you’re a local or visiting the area temporarily – gain access to our services with a nominal membership fee! Enjoy complimentary WIFI use plus device charging stations during your visit. Plus, don’t miss out on engaging activities for children, such as library events like author talks or technology lessons – all part of the Member experience at Bundaberg Regional Library!

The Bundaberg Library provides an array of free activities and events for children from birth. From baby giggle and wiggle to story time, the library offers delightful experiences tailored to different age groups that involve storytelling, singing, puppet play and craft-making – all designed to captivate young minds! Not forgetting older kids either – they can look forward to a wide range of fun activities during school terms as well as afterschool programs interspersed with special occasions throughout the year.

Bundaberg library

One local company in Bundaberg that is involved in this tourist attraction;

Name: Concrete Bundaberg Services

Address: 27 Perry St, Bundaberg North QLD 4670

Phone: (07) 4158 6758